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NutraHacker and VitaminLab

NutraHacker has partnered with VitaminLab, a leader excelling in personalized supplementation, to create your all-in-one personalized supplement from top quality-sourced ingredients.

Genetics plays a large role into your supplementation needs and we are excited to offer a complete solution shipped to you

The benefits with your personalized supplement include:

Custom made to fit your
NutraHacker Supplement Report
Can be updated at anytime
(every 3 months)
Less price than buying individual ingredients


How do I use NutraHacker with VitaminLab?
Authenticate or upload your DNA at the NutraHacker Store, then click on the appropriate link where it says 'To create your own customized supplement from VitaminLab...'. We will provide them with your custom supplement specifications based on your genome.
What are the directions for VitaminLab?
Just simply follow directions on your label. For capsules, follow the suggested daily capsule dose. With the powder, measure the dose (it comes with a measuring scoop) for your particular formula and mix in water.
Is VitaminLab a subscription service? Can I cancel it at anytime?
VitaminLab is a subscription service that sends your formula automatically to you, and bills your formulas every month. You can modify or cancel your plan up to 14 days prior to your renewal date.
Is VitaminLab a capsule, powder or liquid?
VitaminLab comes in a vegetable capsule. Powder can be made on request.
How many months do I get of VitaminLab? Can I update my formula?
The formulas are sent as a 3-month supply (and billed monthly) to provide you the most cost-effective option while giving enough time for the supplements to work.Any updates to our analysis will be automatically applied to the next shipment of your supplement.
Where are the formulas made? Where is VitaminLab located?
The formulas are made in a FDA licensed facility in Canada, and VitaminLab is located in British Columbia, Canada.